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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2014, 10:57 PM
So I got to thinking the other day about people on Deviantart who do a lot of blocking. Like if your block list is enormous, and I mean like so enormous that you have people on there from shit that happened years ago that you can't even remember. Would you just be constantly bewildered by all the things you can't reply to?

For example, you come across someone's comment, want to leave a reply, but find yourself unable to because you appear to be blocked. You have no idea what you did to offend this person, and all you can do is go on with your day. In actuality though, it's you who blocked them, you've forgotten about it, and due to Deviantart's mechanic of "blockers cannot harass those that they've blocked" (which is a good mechanic, by the way) you end up thinking that they've blocked you for something. I wonder how often this occurs, especially since they've allowed name changes on the site.

I myself have kept it simple over the years. That's right, I'm taking pride in my blank block list. I mean, it's just so beautiful and clean, but mostly it keeps things simple for me. If I can't write a reply on someone's page, I know it's they who became butthurt over something, not me.

However, despite the advantages of having a clean slate, it is still not impervious to some degree of frustration and confusion. For you see, one may still encounter individuals who have blocked him without being able to recall the reason.

I have a confession to make. That is, I am not unlike the Seinfeld character, George Costanza. I must be liked! Or at least, told why I'm not liked. After stumbling across a few users recently who have me blocked and having only speculations as to the reason(s) why, I've decided to start keeping a list.

Now I am aware of the dangers of publishing such a list for all to see, let alone "mentioning" the names of those who have blocked me. To those concerns I say 'tis not a list of shame, nor a list of pride. It is just a list, and if answers come or do not come, so be it! Can differences not be resolved? Can pasts not be buried? Can mysteries not be solved?

Uh, I also probably won't be publishing the list more than once, or at least not again for a long time. So don't get any fancy ideas about getting featured in my journal (for whatever that's worth... nothing btw) if you block me. Smartasses.

So without much further ado, to date, I believe there are only five individuals who have blocked me:

-TrueSoprano - for preaching to her too much about the band, Killswitch Engage.

-sbkMulletMan - for laughing at his insults that I legitimately thought were jokes. I mean they were really, really funny from what I remember. I thought he was being like one of those old, Irish bartenders who calls you a pussy for not drinking their best whiskey, but who actually is glad you're there and appreciates your business. I misread the situation... and I may have been drinking whiskey.

-Danium - for writing daily insults on her page to see if she would respond. I... may have actually deserved this one.

-Vaporeon249 - I think the BHB (Butthurt Brigade, a now defunct Deviantart group) wrote a journal about something she did (I can't remember what it was now), and some people went over there to call her out on it. At which point I believe she pre-emptively blocked the entire group if I remember correctly, myself included. This is largely speculation though as I don't remember much, or if I ever even knew.

-Xadrea - I honestly can't remember or even imagine what it was, and that's what pisses me off. EDIT: I've been informed that this person also may have blocked everyone in the entire BHB at one point. After doing some internet searching of my own, this appears to be the most likely reason for this block.

-kurostarSunny - Was digging through some old journals from back when I had that fake enemies list going, noticed this person in the "real enemies" section who still has me blocked. I can't recall what I did, but since they were on my list, I don't think it was the result of a BHB block.

EDIT(4/22/14):Added KurostarSunny.

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