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Journal Entry: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 4:10 PM
Super interesting right?

Anyway, I've been a bit inactive (oh, it's another one of THESE journals that everyone makes...) since I'm way busy with school right now. The short version is that I'm in a two semester course where we've been working on a game, and right now we're trying to get as much done as we can before going to GDC (Game Developer's Conference) in San Francisco next week.

I still check the site just about everyday, even if I don't always have time to respond to a comment or two. I always try to get around to it eventually.

I started a new painting last night for the first time since last semester, so hopefully I'll have something new to post soonish, but probably not until after GDC.

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I'm not sleepy!! by cheslah
by cheslah

This looks like some professional grade work to me. I'm not a photographer, but from what I do know I can't really find anything wrong....

Smoke and Bone by caughtinthehurricane

Really cool and interesting piece. Anatomically it's nearly perfect, most of its problems are in rendering but it's still a very good p...


I know there are quite a few different possible endings for this game, but I'm still pretty pissed off right now that I got the bad ending. The BAD ENDING! After... 156 hours of gameplay, collecting all the Witcher gear/most of the cards, and doing all the side quests (that didn't bug and fail themselves despite my best efforts), I still got this ending.

I looked up the conditions for getting this ending, and apparently it has nothing to do with what difficulty you played on (mine was set to the highest), how much you've collected, how many side quests you did, or anything gameplay-sensical like that. Nope, it has to do almost completely with some very brief and/or vague dialogue choices you make throughout the game... and due to my somewhat-completionist playthrough, I'd probably have to backtrack 100 hours worth of save to "fix" them all.

Now I know as well as the next nerd that stories don't always need to end happily, but I'm used to video games rewarding you with an ending for your efforts (as opposed to how well you were able to guess what the "good" dialogue choices would be at X, Y, and Z random checkpoints in the game). I don't look up guides for RPGs because I don't wan't spoilers, but I feel like other than pure guess-luck, CDProjektRed did not give me, as a player, any way to earn an ending that wasn't completely soul-crushing. I was deliberating on buying the expansion(s), but now I'm totally turned off to the idea after knowing what happens at the end of my playthrough. Thank god Fallout 4 is just around the corner, as I probably won't be picking up this game again.

:iconindigodeerplz: I got the worst ending in the Witcher 3 despite a near-complete play-through on the hardest difficulty. I call this very bad and/or evil game design in an otherwise near-perfect game.

Anti-Complaint: I could use something to cheer me up after that ending. If you've got something anti-depressing, do share.
Old World Patriot by Corvalian
Old World Patriot
So I know this is quite similar to  an older painting I did some years back, but with the Fallout 4 hype train at full speed, I wanted to try again. My Fallout fanboy-ism is hoping this will still make sense from a canon perspective when the game is released, but we'll see. Basically my main concerns would be geographical (can Boston still be viewed from the harbor in 2290-whatever, and would the skyline still resemble this from that angle?) and item-acquirement (namely the new T-60 helmet, is it unique to the player character's situation, or might there be more scattered around for this old patriot dude to find? My guess is that The Institute develops the T-60's, but we still got over two months before we find out). I almost made this with a T-45 helmet, but said "no, Feelout 4 is coming, go with the iconic shiz." Yea I know, you can say it, I'm totally crazy. You don't know how long I've been cooped up inside this small, isolated cabin on board the hype train though. choo chooooooooo

With Fallout 4 now supposedly letting us build our own power armor with components from... other power armors, I'm stoked to see what combinations we can come up with (especially with mods). Everything in this image was referenced from Fallout 3 or 4 assets (the ones that have been shown so far), including much of the color scheme!

Here's what he's got, and where I've seen them appear so far:

T-60 Power Armor Helmet (Fallout 4)
Enclave Advanced Power Armor Mk II chest plate and bracer (Fallout 3)
T-51b Power Armor shoulder (Fallout 1,2,3,4)
T-45d Power Armor Bracer and Bicep (Fallout 3, 4)
Ashur's/Tribal T-45d Power Armor variant spooky brahmin skull shoulder (Fallout 3 DLC)
Plasma Rifle with some sort of shnazzy-looking rifle stock (Fallout 4)
2077 American Flag as a cape

Would be awesome to make this guy in-game someday, but I'm 99.9% sure some of that will have to be modded in. :P
This is a software trend that is increasing in popularity that I absolutely loath. You click the "X" to close the program, and it minimizes instead. If I wanted the damn thing minimized, I would have clicked the "_" minimize button! The X is for closing, get that through your damn heads!

Biggest examples that come to mind right now are Skype and Spotify. Yea, I know I can change this in preferences (and I have), but I don't like that I have to in the first place. :grump:

Actual complaint: My degree still hasn't helped me find a new job. :grump:
First of all: I promised myself I wouldn't do anything on the internet while drunk, but I'm drunk to think this is a great idea anyway.

Second of all: I did a little research, and the complaints forum has been praised here before. However~! Many of its praises have been about "complaints regulars" (and fuck all those people, quite frankly). It has also been at least since 2014 that it was last praised in its literal sense, and every post from then and prior was a shitpost that I hope to top tonight/this morning!

Third of all (is that a thing?):
Complaints is awesome, right? Okay so hear me out, especially if you don't like complaints. I don't know why you visit this "praise" forum, but still, hear me out.

Complaints is awesome because... who else does that? right? You can go to virtually any other website, especially the ones that are try to make money/support themselves, and you won't see a complaints forum. Why? Because business, that's why! A business doesn't want a public place for random people to go in and see less-random people bitch about random issues (some of which concern their business). Because it's bad for business! The fact that deviantart has allowed it to exist for this long is awesome, and I just wanted to praise that. So.... praise The Complaints Forum!

Also, thank Mr. Skeltal for good bones and calseum. That is all.
A Wild Tychus Appears by Corvalian
A Wild Tychus Appears
Finished. :faint:

My two favorite heroes (Tyrael and Tychus) fighting on my favorite map, Blackheart's Bay. Been playing this game for a few months now, and I'm definitely having a lot of fun with it. Where else can you see an angel fight a space marine in front of a pirate ship?

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