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February 8, 2013
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Old World Obstinance by Corvalian Old World Obstinance by Corvalian
So I've been working on this off and on for like... three or four semesters and it's FINALLY FINISHED! This is Fallout franchise fanart, (more specifically Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas) of a weathered Enclave soldier who dawned an old world flag as a cape.

I've always thought the Enclave made for some awesome villains, especially considering they have better technology than the rest of the Fallout factions. Their story is even more compelling when it comes to *spoilers, (if you care)* how they were pre-war American, Neo Conservative Politicians who waited out the nuclear bombs on an offshore oil rig. They saw (maybe knew) it was coming, prepared for it, and as a result they've been in the most advantageous position of all. They still consider themselves to be America despite the fact that it was wiped out along with the rest of the world in 2077 (hence the word "obstinance").

However, the MOST interesting thing about them for me is how they are arguably the most 'evil' faction in the game despite how most of us (at least here in America today) would normally expect them to be portrayed. They're a perfect example of how a society can have such great humanitarian ideals, have them written down, studied, practiced for centuries, yet still wind up perpetrating the opposite. The Enclave is an exaggerated reflection of many societies today and throughout history (less exaggerated there). They are a warning that the possibility always exists for a government to become corrupted. As time goes on, leaders will inevitably find more loopholes and other ways to further their own agenda while hiding behind their society's doctrines. No society is safe without constant vigilance.

Blah Blah Blah, enough rambling about philosphies, it's a damn video game. Anyway, I hope anyone that see this enjoys it. Feel free to give me any feedback if you have any.

Shit I learned on this one:

-Learn to draw capes, maybe look at references or something... something ain't quite right with the mid-ground cape in this image.

Resources utilized:

-fabric texture from for the foreground part of the flag
-reference images from my own gameplay screenshots as well as from [link]
-the brush pack from *Knockwurst (freaking awesome brushes, btw) found here: [link]
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aerunnallado Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
I don't know why I love the Enclave and the Legion so much, they are the bad factions of Fallout yet they are my favorite factions, maybe because they are just cooler than the others...And think about the irony, The most advanced faction and the faction that's running around with knives
Corvalian Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
To each their own... or something. :P

Personally I felt that the NCR was way cooler than the Legion even though they were the more goody-goody faction.
Slaughterox Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Corvalian, I was actually a contributor recently but as of a few days ago I'm now pretty much the (3rd) author of the mod. I knew the author and he was always on the lookout for more art.

So I can use it? Thanks!

Also, I like the philosophical Fallout discussion, may add some opinions of my own later.
Corvalian Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Cool, sounds good. :)
DasCheesenBorgir Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
I used to concern myself with all these petty morals, but then I just embraced the glory that is pixelated violence :D

though tbh, I always do find myself for rooting for the genocidal maniacs packing massive firepower in fiction, idk why. Maybe that's what caters most to my rather bloodthirsty approach to gameplay?

'Wait a second you war-mongering neanderthal, you're playing an RPG, with great story, and choices to be made, why don't you go fuck off and play that cock of doody bullshit if all you w-'



I really do wish there was, even if just for the sake of choice, an option to full on not only join the Enclave but just have maybe a background where you start off in their ranks. They did the same for the BOS in Tactics, and I guess it comes as little surprise that I actually kinda cared about that game's story, and appreciated how your CO would fully advocate the wholesale slaughter of obstacles in your path >: D (also quite enjoy sending those filthy mutants and weak-kneed idealist rookies in my squad to their horrible deaths as well...)

But alas, none of the newer games with awesome mod support seem to have those sorts of choices. And the few sorts of storyline mods I have seen involving the Enclave seem to portray them in a more neutral or grey light. 

So thank fuck barely anybody in the Mojave is marked as essential, and thank fuck for Lonesome Road.

Corvalian Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Hey, everyone's got their own shit to identify with, and I totally get why sometimes that happens to be the genocidal maniacs. :lol:

I think while I usually prefer the side of "good" in games that offer moral choices, more of my choice hinges on style and aesthetics. In a game about knights where the bad guys wear black/spiked plate armor, while the good guys are just a bunch of cloth-wearing wizards or something, I'm likely to choose the former if given the choice. If each side has equally good (or bad) aesthetics, I'm likely to choose good since I can identify with my character's choices better (and often enjoy the challenges and NPC's it comes with more), but I've noticed that morality is almost never my first consideration in video games. :D

In F:NV, I felt like Caesar's Legion was definitely lacking for something as cool as the NCR Desert Rangers, and if Caesar had had them instead, I'm not sure which I would have chosen (although I mostly ended up in Power Armor, so it probably wouldn't have mattered much). Caesar's troops didn't seem smart enough, interesting enough, unique enough, or cool enough for me to really be bothered. I also didn't really buy that they could actually put up any kind of fight against the types of factions I'd seen in previous Fallout games when I first encountered them. They just seemed like primitive savages that somehow found a bunch of handegg gear laying around... and I've had a growing hate for handegg the older I get. Later I learned that it was more about their numbers and social conditioning that made them such a contender in the wasteland, and saw their centurions looking pretty spiffy with their salvaged bits of power armor, but still didn't find them cool enough to... lend my talents. I think they intentionally made the NCR the preferred faction to play in that game though, since the others didn't have as many quests (lack of development time :( ).

This is why though, if the Enclave becomes a playable faction in a future title, and no other factions are given their same level of awesome-sauce, I'll probably pledge my allegiance to the evil United States of America, baby (assuming it makes me choose). So I guess I'm still a bit visually shallow in this way. ;P
DasCheesenBorgir Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Y'know, I can totally agree with the first sentiment you made on aesthetics. It just so happens that a lot of fiction tends to put the heavily armored and faceless dudes in the role of badguys, probably largely due to the fact that it dehumanizes them; but of course, it's that utter dehumanization that I actually find far more compelling than the typical hardy rogue and idealistic little boy- they're enigmatic, and it gives a small sense of empowerment knowing that your enemies will die without ever being able to see what you feel or what you think when you crush them. 

And yeah, I definitely do feel like the NCR was intended to be the side you go with as well, and I was initially drawn in by the design of those Ranger vets. But then, the more I associated with them, the more I came to despise the utterly unprofessional attitude that most of their grunts held, and even some of the Rangers turned out to be cocky jackasses rather than the cold blooded and faceless soldiers I was hoping they'd be. Then I learned more of the little conflict they had with the Brotherhood, and all subsequent playthroughs became terrorism simulators :D

NCR's large presence actually made that really fun, since there were far fewer boring safe places, and more targets, therefore making the game more combat oriented and even a little 'survival-y' since it meant I had to spend more time hiding in secluded areas. Also encouraged me to utilize stealth a little, set traps and sabotage a large complex before launching an all-out power armored assault of retribution from inside their assholes. I vividly remember after having the pleasure of watching V for Vendetta the first time, I popped up Overture and nuked the shit out of Camp McCarran. 

And really, the one thing that's kinda holding me back from fully supporting the Legion is their attitude towards technology. As in, I think they're nothing but a bunch of filthy degenerate neanderthal pieces of shit pretending to be more than they are, in no small part due to the fact that a large number of their ranks comprise of raggedy ass tribals that were inducted in. Lanius and Caesar were about the only two I could mildly respect, but...

Fucking BOS, bitches! They're not the outright genocidal power armored dudes that the Enclave are, but they seem callous and pragmatic enough to not give a shit about everyone else in the wastes. And I actually rather like that they spend all their time hidden safely away in a bunker, thus giving me more free reign to exterminate everything else in the Wasteland.

So just like that, that's maybe... 60% of not immediately hostile characters in the game that I've dedicated myself to destroying? Yeah, then I actually spent a little more time on the Strip, and one night after watching Casino Royale or some shit I decided I fucking hated casinos as well. 

And since that was pretty much most of the major factions now in my target sights, I decided I'd weed out the itty bitty factions off to the side I didn't like, especially the Followers of the Apocalypse the hippie bastards. >: ( Though most of the time I have to restrain myself because of... well I'm sure you should know lol

Then of course I get Lonesome Road and I practically squeed at the opportunity to take the commitment of extermination all the way. 

So my typical character more or less evolved from morally secure white knight to terrorist, then to merciless and rather zealous crusader of the Brotherhood, and eventually the mortal avatar of motherfucking war. 

But to tell you the truth? You would probably notice that everyone I encompassed in that enormous targeting reticule for extermination were severely lacking in the faceless and, more importantly COLD and detached faceless soldiers. BOS in Fallout 3 wasn't exactly that either I guess, but I definitely still liked them since they maintained another sense of professional attitude about them, a more knightly and formal sort of thing for the most part. So even after New Vegas has sharpened my taste for playing like a genocidal maniac, I still play Fallout 3 as more or less the standard goody two shoes. 
Corvalian Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
I know what you mean, and I assume you've watched the guy on youtube who does all the "kill everyone" videos (or whatever they're called) for the games? It took him awhile, but I think he actually managed to kill every NPC in one or both of the newer Fallout games. :P

It's interesting that you mention the NCR's unprofessional attitude as well. That wasn't my first impression of them, but I definitely saw it once I came to know them. I like how much sense it makes within Fallout's universe though. I mean, when you see new, up-and-coming military factions in today's world, things aren't much different. They usually only exist in harsh environments (like the world of Fallout), and many who join them tend to be very opportunistic individuals willing to run/surrender at the first sign of trouble. They're held together almost entirely through the world's belief in their power, which can quickly fray, particularly around the edge of its forces. The NCR may have some good ideals that people around the wasteland find easy to subscribe to, but most of the people in the New Vegas region who join up do so on a gamble that they're THE force to be reckoned with out of all other factions vying for dominance in the region. As a result, they're all relying on the NCR, rather than the NCR being able to rely on them. They offer the cushiest living standards for most of their soldiers as well, so again, that easy incentive is there to attract some of the shittiest people possible. People who don't really care who wins or not, they just want to be alive when the smoke clears.

The Legion on the other hand, is essentially their polar opposite. You don't join the legion, it takes you. If you fail or give your superiors any reason to doubt your abilities, they kill you. Its members are basically brainwashed into being the opposite of the region's typical NCR soldiers. They're strong, looking to impress, and more fearful of their own people than they are of those on the outside. As a result they make a very strong and perfect counter to the NCR, but their disadvantages of course are what can ultimately lead to their downfall. For one thing they don't possess, or even want, the same type of technology that the NCR has. They also don't inspire any type of passion for their ideologies which might otherwise gain them outside support (the NCR's life/liberty vs their total enslavement).

You're spot-on with the brotherhood as well. They possess technology and discipline which sometimes even feels carried over from their history with the US military. In addition, they rarely associate with anyone outside their faction if they can help it, and rarely let anyone join who wasn't born into their family. There's a strong sense of loyalty as a result, since every soldier is protecting his family, his people, and sees virtually all technology as being "their property." All of this combines to make them incredibly fearsome fighters, but causes a severe disadvantage in numbers and trust of the outside world.

This is why I love Fallout, because the more I think about it, the more believable its world seems. Strangely enough, the only faction that I don't entirely see as being at a balanced disadvantage is the Enclave, and that coupled with their aesthetics is what I think makes them such a good villain in the series, and so appealing besides.

I mean, they were the only people, possibly on earth, to prepare for the great war entirely on their own terms. They had the technology, resources, and time to basically remain a century ahead while the rest of civilization struggled to rebuild. They had the comradery and discipline of the Brotherhood of Steel, but with larger numbers and even better technology. The only realistically discernible reasons that they could have lost/been wiped out would be if the other factions teamed up against them (not really what happened), holding the mainland from an offshore oil rig was too costly (but it still got blown up by one guy), or that they collapsed internally from the weight of their own evilness (basically the end of Fallout 3, but one guy still kind of took them out). I know there are gameplay reasons for needing a big, scary, evil faction for the player to just mow down towards the end of each game, but I really hope they stick to trying to have it make more sense in the future, like they did with New Vegas. Maybe I just need to replay Fallout 2 though. :lol:
DasCheesenBorgir Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
And in regards to the NCR, yes, the unprofessional attitude of the main military branch is definitely expected, but it was more their supposed special forces that greatly disappointed me. I was really looking for the cold-blooded and utterly faceless killers that the Veteran Ranger armor really seemed to give the vibe of, and instead I get some hot blooded cowboy assholes. Fuck those guys. 

I guess a lot of it might also stem from the fact that they just reuse a lotta patrol ranger lines for the vets, and regular NCR trooper lines for the heavies (which pisses me off even more since they are bearing the holiness that is power armor and should fucking ACT like it)- as evidenced by the fact that joining the NCR for Hoover Dam, the Veteran Ranger that greets at one some point to aid you is actually pretty cool headed and to the point. 

If NCR was something more like... say, their military is basically a mixed bag of scumbag jackasses and bright eyed idealist idiots, and their elites are stone cold black ops, I would absolutely get behind that. 

Although now that I think of it, some of the Enclave NPCs (more predominantly in FO2) seem to have those 'cowboy tendencies' moments as well- maybe cowboy in the NCR sense, it seems more reminiscent of the attitudes you see in war movies. Arch Dornan probably being the reigning example of the hardass and abusive Drill Sergeant, and somebody like that radio operator you can piss off in Gecko being just an average joe. 

Which is why in the end, I still gravitate more towards the Brotherhood. Because whether we're talking about the more idealistic East Coast or the more conservative, or the potentially outright fascist Midwest (guess which path this guy took in Tactics? :D) they ALWAYS carry a very formal, very... outdated, 'knightly' sense of duty and honor in them. Even just the way they stylize their emblem, having a sword and wings integrated into them gives a clear indication that that's the feeling you're meant to get from them. And all of that ultimately reflects in the way they speak, most NPCs I've noticed being very articulate, and... just overall, very 'knightly' in that sort of high fantasy sense. They carry themselves as very 'high class' in that sort of very old sense.

Which is why I actually felt a wee bit offput with R Lee Ermey filling in the role of the commanding officer for FO Tactics XD

Not because he doesn't do a good job of maintaining that professional attitude, but because everytime I hear his voice in the mission briefings I instinctively want him to break the mold for a second and go Gunnery Sergeant Hartman for just a moment.
Corvalian Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Well to be fair, the NCR Vet Rangers were still pretty mysterious. You learn a little bit about their past in the game, and see a statue of them shaking hands with the other NCR Rangers, but beyond that you don't even see or interact with them until the end of the game, when they're pretty much shown to be guards for the NCR's most important people. Even then, you have to kill or pickpocket one to get his armor (risking reputation loss), only to find out it's not as good as the Power Armor you've already received from the brotherhood AND it comes with the disadvantage of being a costume. This leads me to consider three possibilities:

1. The Vet Rangers were left somewhat vague in order to instill some sense of mysterious badassery in them.
2. They decided not to elaborate on them in the vanilla game so that they could do so in a future installment or expansion of the game (that was cut).
3. They were nearing the game's completion in development, but the marketing department and/or Bethesda demanded something more badass to show off, which is why they're only seen in the last few missions (unfortunately the most likely).

In any case, I'm glad they were added since they still added some depth to the game and... looked pretty badass, even if they were somewhat tacked on.

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I never played Tactics. :( Although I've definitely heard that the Brotherhood was downright evil in that one. The armor from some of the game's assets also looks a bit too sleek to fit Fallout's aesthetic, let alone the Brotherhood's aesthetic, so I'm kind of glad it's not considered canon. Having said that though, I'm pretty sure the midwestern brotherhood as been hinted at as existing in either (or both) Fallout 3 and NV, so it might not be a total writeoff. I definitely like the idea of them being a gray-area-of-morality faction than a good one though.
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